Sermon at the Healing Spring [2014]

My beloved,

Christ is risen!

We are in the Lighted Week…and today, at this feast dedicated to Mother of Lord, we live from full the ghostual enjoyment of the gustation of holy water. For that we taste from the holy water and we receive grace in ourselves.

And thus we understand much better what means: „all were filled of light”. For that the light whereof is spoken here is not the light of the sun, is not the holy light that descended in the tomb of the Lord in the Great Saturday – because both are material – but is uncreated light of God, which is seen only with clean heart.

The light of the resurrection of the Lord is the uncreated light, is the divine light…the light which we feel and in the water hallowed today. Just that, for to feel it, is needed to purify our feelings. For that we must feel divinely, we must feel the uncreated light of Most Holy Trinity…

At origin, this feast was a miracle of the Mother of God. A blind began to see for that he drank from a spring of the Mother of Lord [Penticostarion, ed. BOR 1999, p. 49]. All several have been healed because of that spring, where had built and a Church. But from here was reached at its significance of today, when, to any sanctifying of water we have a wonderful spring, sanctifying of our lives.

Why this mutation of significance? For that was passed from the historical aspect of the event to the theological. For the historical aspect could not speak about a universal perspective. While the theological perspective universalizes the miracle, makes it contemporary with each of us, because it puts in prime plan the experience of grace.

And thus, the Theotokos becomes „the deliverer water” [Idem, p. 48] for us, because she is seen as „inexhaustible spring” [Ibidem] of the grace.

But why is the Mother of Lord present in front of us, into a day of Friday? For that to have a perfect parallelism between the Friday of Passions and the Lighted Friday. Then, we saw her in tears, whereas now she is in the glory of God, in the glory of His resurrection.

And her water is His water, for that all of Mother are of her Son. Therefore, in comparison with roman-catholic theology, where the Mother of Lord is equalized with her Son, in the orthodox theology the Mother of Lord is always in relation of listening.

The Mother always prays her Son, intercedes for us…but she expectes to do His will with us. The Mother is active in our salvation through that she wishes and prays for our salvation. And the traditional theology of the Church confesses of two thousand years that the Saints pray for our salvation.

At the opposite pole, the protestant and neoprotestant theology, which is foreign to the Church’s Tradition, does not have a devotion to the Mother of Lord on the premise that she „cannot intercede” for us. But in the Kingdom of God, the Mother of Lord sits at the right hand of her Son and continually intercedes for us.

The motive for which, we cry every day to her help, with the conscience that „much can the prayer of Mother before her Son”. Much can her love for us, which is love from His love.

Therefore, let us rejoice with great joy in this day and in all the days of our lives, for that great is the mercy of God to us! Let us rejoice of our Lord and of His Father and the Holy Ghost, the Ghost of Truth, of our God, for that He is our happiness. And let us rejoice ghostually of these days of feast, for that they are our strengthening. Amen!

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