Sermon at the Third Sunday after Easter [2014]

Sfintele Femei Mironosite

My beloved,

Christ is risen!

In today’s sunday we have another entrustment. An entrustment not from part of His Apostles but of His collaborators of second rank. For that, today, we celebrate the remembrance of Holies Myrrh-Bearing Women and of Saint Joseph of Arimathea and of Saint Nicodemus [Penticostarion, ed. BOR 1999, p. 100].

And in the source cited, we find seven names of Myrrh-Bearing: 1. Saint Mary Magdalene, 2. Saint Salome, the daughter of Saint Joseph the Betrothed, 3. Saint Joanna, the wife of Chuza, 4. Saint Mary, 5. Saint Martha (the last two being the sisters of Saint Lazarus risen from the dead on the fourth day), 6. Saint Mary of Cleophas and 7. Saint Susanna [Idem, p. 101]. But, apart from these seven, we are told that „there were still many others, which, as narrates the divine Luke, served of Christ and of His disciples, from their possessions” [Ibidem].

All in today’s Synaxarion, cited above, we find that The Most Holy Theotokos appears in the Gospels as „Mary, the mother of James the less and of Josi” [Ibidem]. And the Mother of the Lord have seen the risen Christ before all, just as she felt the first in her womb.

But the testimony of other Holy Women was important for to entrust all. Just therefore, their testimony appears in the Gospels, appears in the songs of the Church, but not of His Mother. Lest there be any doubt on the veracity of His resurrection.

However, according to the Church Tradition – and we have to know this – the first person who saw the risen Christ was His Mother. The thing which appears into a song of the day in these terms: „On Christ, Whom you have born clean, what you are good and blameless and beautiful among women, too beautiful seeing Him today shining from the dead, for the salvation of all, glorify Him together with Apostles, enjoying” [Idem, p. 96].

And we need of entrustment! For that we must have all things of faith clear.

The clarity, in the experience of faith, is the fundamental condition. For that, only if Christ is risen and has filled with His glory, at Baptism, we can live a new life, ghostual, through which we deify.

Therefore, for us, all things of faith must be clear, ie true, for not to fumble in our faith. And regarding the resurrection of the Lord, all the things are clear: Holy Women went at the tomb with ointments…and they had seen Him alive and full of glory. They went as a dead and saw Him alive!

And His message to them was one of joy. Full of joy. Because He told them: „Enjoy!”. But their joy was full of grace and divine ravishment…because it shows the ghostual joy!

At Mk. 16, 8, GNT, it says that: „they had trembling [tromos] and ecstasy [ecstasis]”. For that the real love is deep and shakes you completely in the fundamental moments. And they saw Him alive, on Him, the dead, were filled with grace and holy trembling because they were filled with His love.

The love for God, my beloved, is the root of true preaching! And we cannot love God only if we have understood Him. Must, first, to know God, for that He to be the power of our life, the power to understand and live His will.

And we see, in these holy days, how important is the real relation with God. How important is the life with God, this in which we feel that we are irradiated by the glory of God. For that thus we do not feel alone!

Since the loneliness is just the closure in itself. And we close in ourselves just as we do not feel that God hears us. The faithlessness, the lovelessness, the loneliness assumed say about us that we are afraid.

But the fear appears there where does not exist love. Where does not exist love, the love for God, which is entrustment, certitude. Therefore is needed of the certainty of resurrection of the Lord: for that it is the true stability and trust of our life.

Thus, my beloved, only if we live with Christ crucified and risen, only if Christ leads us to the Father through His Ghost, we can be true orthodox christians, ie „the sons of the resurrection”. For that and our resurrection is interior, is ghostual/ spiritual, is full of His glory and only thus we become members of God’s Kingdom. For the ghostual life of the Church is our life and only thus we live in the rhythm of His Kingdom.

Be happy and beautiful in everything you do! Live for God and not for transient lusts! For that all pass, only His Kingdom does not pass. Amen!

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