About Felicitous Ilie the seer of God

When I first saw him, I saw a pillar of cloud from heaven and until in earth. In the place of him, I saw the glory of God as a pillar of cloud. I did not expect at such a miracle! I had gone to borrow a book from him. I was 17 years old at that time…

But I did not know that in this moment, of fact, God indicated me my ghostual Father. Between 1995-2005, for 10 years, what I was his apprentice, I understand that the miracle that was just the beginning of a long series of miracles. For that my Father was the greatest mystical theologian of the 20th century. Ie the one who is one of a nation, after the words of Saint Isaac the Syrian, that reaches to deify and to live, for days on end, in the divine light, seeing the overwhelming visions.

Only that the mode in which confided me his life and the divine mysteries on which he lived them was one how can be of natural. Therefore, the school of my ghostuality did not have the morgue of a course of theology but was a continuous humble confession of God’s gifts, a continuous outpouring of sincerity and grace, as long as he was speaking to me from the midst of sight and of feeling of God.

He had 76 years old when I met him. His dormition was at the age of 86 years, on May 4, 2005. And this is his tomb and of his wife, Florica. His daughter, Green, lives.

But where reached a married layman at a such state of deification? In prison! In a communist prison. For that, time of 12 years and 6 months, for the accusation of being legionnaire (though he was never part of the legionary movement) has been closed at Uranus, Jilava, Gherla, the lead mines Baia Sprie and Cavnic, the hospital T.B.C. from Târgu-Ocna and Aiud. He was closed in 1952 and there he began to pray with the prayer of Jesus.

After hundreds, thousands, and then tens of thousands of daily prayers and after multiple battles with the demons, in his being appeared the uncreated divine light of the Most Holy Trinity and it continuously expanded. And he saw the divine light in multiple colors, from white until violet, and entered into the Kingdom of God still of here, praying together with the Saints and the Angels.

The descriptions of these visions were given me in six books, plus a book in manuscript and the correspondence with his wife. And after what I transcribed all these, I reached to publish 9 books, on when the 10th book, of memories, I wrote it together with my wife, for that and she is his apprentice.

The 10 books dedicated to Divine Ilie are these from here. They are his gift for us. They are online, are in Romanian language, can be downloaded in gratuitous mode and have, in total, 2.429 pages.

Yes, would be a great ghostual benefit if they would be translated into English and would be known as many theologians and Orthodox Christians. For that they would see how after 11-12 years of prayer, in 1963-1964, Felicitous Ilie has lived divine visions frightful of holy into a carceral system isolated with all.

His life was an uninterrupted miracle. My apprenticeship was and is full of his miracles. For that through the books and the clothes and his things…but especially through his ghostual presence in our life…he makes with us wonders of unspeakable.

Therefore I pray as his mystical experience to bear fruit in all of us through his prayers.

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