The Theology of the Sight of God [12]

Rev. D.Th. Dorin Octavian Picioruş


The Theology of the Sight of God 

Studies and translations


Here are the parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.


1. 2. 11. The Lord of Life and the Field of Death

Ezekiel experiences the touching of him of the hand of God, who leads him, into the Ghost, and places him in the middle of a field full of human bones (Eze. 37, 1).

1. exago2. xira sfodra3. logon4. The Ghost of lifeThe resurrection of the dead does not mean re-bringing into the anterior existence, but a furtherance into a ghostualised existence, full of grace. The bones become bodies but these bodies are filled by the Ghost of God, which is the true resurrection of the resurrected.

Eze. 37, 6 is fundamental for our theme through the final on which it has. After the evolutive presentation of the resurrection of the bones is specified this thing: that the bones will rise, the people will rise and will be living into the Holy Ghost and only in this gracial state will know on their Lord.

The Ghost of the Lord, found in these people resurrected, certifies the interior existence of God. With other words, the existence of God and His eternal irradiation cannot live outside of our being and we cannot give proofs about God’s existence, than if dwells in us the Ghost of God.

Ezekiel prophesies on the bones and they become bodies (37, 7-8). But the bodies did not have on the Ghost into them (37, 8). Only when comes the Ghost the dead are raised and stand upright, strengthened in their life (37, 9-10).

But the eschatological image of this chapter has touching and with the ghostual resurrection that happens in this life.

Even if the resurrection of the bodies is an eschatological reality, however now is the moment of ghostual resurrection, into the Ghost. Only those who live the gracial resurrection here are filled of life in full mode. The Lord of life will make living on those into which is the Ghost of life, according as we remarked at Eze. 37, 6.

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