O scrisoare de la Elizabeth Hall

Good morning Dorin,

You were listed as the technical contact for the Teologie pentru azi site – so my apologies if this is arriving erroneously!

Anyhow…I have to say it – I’m a fan. I was browsing the Teologie pentru azi site this morning, and I was seriously impressed with the information on it! You look like an exceptionally great organization and offer some really wonderful services!

My name is Elizabeth Hall, and I’m the Director of Public Relations for Education Outlook – a company focused extensively on Nursing Education and Healthcare.

We have 2 websites founded to educate students who are wanting a side-by-side comparisons of different nursing schools and RN to BSN programs in the country.

You can see the 2 sites here:

We’ve worked really hard at providing non-biased, tempered comparisons between Nursings programs around the country – and I was hoping perhaps you might be able to list our  websites as a resource on the Teologie pentru azi website? I really believe it would provide a really great value to your visitors!

I found a page on your site that looks like it already provides some similar resources here: http://www.teologiepentruazi.ro/2011/02/18/.

I was just wondering…would providing a link to our RN to BSN Program webpages on this page be at all possible?

It would seriously mean so much to me! I really do believe your visitors would find it to be a valuable resource.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this.. You can call or email me at your convenience to let me know if this might be possible.

Thanks again!

Elizabeth Hall
Director of Public Relations
NursingDegreeGuide.Com & RN2BSNPrograms.com
[P]: 816 – 824 // 9965
[F]: 816 – 512 // 1923

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