My Experience of Online Editor

From 2009 until today, in February 2017, I published online 148 books. All being gratuitous. For each I was corrector and editor and, in the most part, are theological books.

And apart from a single book, which is in English and that’s my doctoral thesis, all others are in Romanian language.

But the language limits the book at a certain perimeter. Certainly, if I had written only in English, other would have been my audience at online level. The English language is the Latin or the Greek of erstwhile.

But, if I had written only in English, I would have felt that my books are impersonal. And, for this reason, I prefer to write in my language and to retranslate my books in English.

Only that the re-translations require time and they eat my time for other books. And I’m tempted, more and more, to write only in English, for that to have really the audience which I wish.

I translated several books of Scripture from ancient Greek and I continue with others. I need of the translation of Scripture for the Dogmatic which I am writing and from which I published the first volume.

How is the language of Scripture? Full of naturalness and poetry.  But, in the same time, it is an abyss of theology and holiness. And this immense theology of the Church was commented by Holy Fathers.

I preach very much at online level, in written format. In February 2017 I published the 12th book of sermons. I wrote a book of sermons directly into English, but is not yet published. When will I be able to translate these books in English? Maybe never. And this is a great loss to those who do not know Romanian.

My wife, the Priestess Gianina, interprets the Romanian literature from Orthodox point of view. His doctoral thesis and the postdoctoral I’ve published them online. Things very valuable for specialists.

Are thousands of book pages.  But the readers are few, because they are in Romanian. And for that to reach to others, they must be translated.

In conclusion, the publishing of book must be internationalized for that to have a real public. And for that it is necessary that all the books to be in English.

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