The Living Icon of God

– And what it means to be living icon of God?

– It means to sanctify yourself in His Church and to look, through all your person, that God lives in you through His glory. That you are a living dwelling of God and a living icon of Him, because He condescends in you.

But the iconoclasts, who crushes Holy Icons or who want to erase, through their ideology, the theological simpleness of the Icons from Orthodox Christians, are and aghiomachists, ie fighters against Saints. For that they fight against the veneration of Saints and the veneration of their Holy Relics. But those who struggle with the Saints and with their Holy Icons and with their Holy Relics struggle and with the Church of God and not worship, as they think, neither the Scripture of Church.

For that, the Scripture, from beginning to end, is full of images. It is iconographic.

And the Holy Icons of Church have in them the simpleness and the rigour and the asceticism of Scripture, for that the Scripture and the Icon are illuminations of God.

And according as in Scripture, the real man is the Saint, all the same, in iconography, the Saint looks into a certain way and bears a name, for that he lived a holy life with God.

But the Icon of Saint speaks in concentrated mode about him and from  the perspective of God’s eternity. While in the Life of the Saint we have a godly detailing of the Icon of Saint. Likewise and in his liturgical Ministry.

His Holy Relics, if they are kept, speak to us about the spiritual veracity of his Icon. For the iconised, in his Holy Relics, it is presented from the perspective of his transfigured body, but still deficient transfigured. While, in his Holy Icon, the Saint is presented from eternity into history, presented as alive and spiritual in the Kingdom of God, completely transfigured, but with attributes proper to his earthly life. And that for that to give us all the courage of spiritual life, ie that to follow God’s Saints.

Who are the Saints of Church? They are all those who have sanctified life and now they are in God’s Kingdom.  And each of them have watched on people, on their neighbor, as on together-heirs with them of His Kingdom.

For that we are all called to His Kingdom. There’s no one uncalled. But we choose to be sheep or goats [Mat. 25, 33]. For that we’re sheep obedient to God or goats disobedient to Him, if we behave as such. For that the life of now decides the everlasting life.


The text of face is a fragment from my sermon from here.

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