Theology and Efficiency

In 2006, when I started to activate online, I thought that the orthodoxies wish theology. Just therefore I took my vocation in seriously and I started writing theology on several registers. Fact for which, I wrote and easy things and heavier things, until I started in 2009 to publish my books at online level.

Because, for me, the theology is the foundation of people’s lives. And for that it, the theology, is the real life of the people, I was hurried to be efficient and proper for to help on people. That is why I wrote much and I write further: for that I can help on people.

But I realized, at short time, that the orthodoxies are not interested of theology. Of their own theology. That not many want theology. But, most of, want answers at their questions, at some of the questions.

Yes, it was painful for me this constatation! For that, in evident mode, the people gave with the foot at the thing which had the greatest need.

However, why do not like the orthodoxies Church’s theology? Why do not they like what saves them?

And I understood, all in a short time, that the nescience is that makes them not like the saving theology of the Church. And the nescience, together with the sinful habits, with the passions, are the ones that make us do not see that we need of theology more than of air and of life.

And what have I done then? I continued to write theology, the theology of which is need today, but, in parallel with it, I began to comminute the heavy theology for the great and indifferent public to theology.

Yes, I am as efficiently, as worker in the theological domain, but in two stairs: into a high mode in my theology, and into a down mode at predicatorial level! Why? For that the orthodoxies, in the great majority of them, do not like heavy theology. And, once with this, they do not prefer no great ascesis and a mystical orthodox life.

And for this motive, some are rationalists, others are pietists, others indifferents to the dogmas of the Church. For that  they do not accept that true human life is the theology and the liturgical, ascetical and mystical life of the Church.

Who wishes some orthodoxies without theological foundation? The neoprotestant pseudo-churches. Fact for that they invest much money in „evangelization” and in the alienation entirely of the orthodoxies. A Romanian Orthodox which becomes a Baptist or a Pentecostal, an Adventist or a Mormon goes through a long and callous process of ghettoization, because he’s learned to tear of the Church and of his country.

And what does such of „converted”? He jumps from the lake in shaft. He chooses a greater evil. For he breaks with all of the Church. He becomes an apostate, a pagan.

But a Orthodox who knows his faith can never be an apostate. Because the Orthodox theology makes you an enlightened man, a man who loves the Church and its ascesis. And if you know your faith, you become an apologist of it and not a denigrator of the Church.

The theology and the ghostual experience escapes us from the religious extremism. For that the theology of the Church is not rationalistic and nor pietist and the ghostual experience of the Church has nothing to do with the extremes.

The religious fanaticism has not the true theology and the life of the Church loves the hierarchy, the orderliness and the peace among men. For that the Church lives in communautaire and communional mode, being full of glory of the trinitarian God.

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