At beginning of fasting

At any beginning of fasting, I feel an enormous interior relief. For that I feel the need to remove from me the much of the food for appeasement.

And my appeasement means to pray, to read, to serve, to write.  These are the things that define me and reassure me. For that the fasting is not a sportive competition with others, but a descent into ourselves. And when we descend into ourselves, then we understand that we have our rhythm of being and our way of seeing the interior things.

The fasting keeps in arms our prayer. And the prayer is the wash of day by day of our conscience. For we need always of prayer and of fasting as long as the sins assail us in every moment.

And the fasting periods, as it is now, teaches us that the great things and beautiful are obtained hard, with much effort. On each day we learn to endure. We endure on ourselves and we endure and on others. For that and we and others have passions. And the passions are what make us slow and troubled interior.

The reading of a book is an ascesis. Is an enlightening ascesis.  What we read must then we live. Because the books of the Holy Church are tractates of holiness. In them we find the theology which changes our life. And the theology of Saints is experience of life.

Many people do not know that in the cult books we have the theology of Saints in concentrated mode. What we sing at pew is patristic theology. The Divine Liturgy is full of Scripture and of patristic theology. For that all of the Church are ordered by the Fathers of the Church and nothing from Church is not at random.

Exist clear rules and strict of reading and of singing in Church. The religious services have their typical. The liturgical gestures are prescribed in typiconal mode. But in the middle of the fixed prayers, we have all the ghostual freedom, for that all the glory of the king’s daughter is inwards [Ps. 44, 14, LXX].

The fasting is full of prayer but and of the confession of sins. For that the prayer, firstly, is a confession before God. And if we confess to Him in prayer, we must confess to Him and in the Mystery of Reconciliation. For that the receiving of His forgiveness means the reconciliation with Him.

And if we received His forgiveness, the receiving of the Holy Eucharist means the next step in our interior union with the Lord of glory. And if we are with Him, we are then with the Master and our Lord, with Iisus Hristos/ Ιησούς Χριστός/ Jesus Christ/, the Lord of glory.

Just therefore, in Orthodoxy, the whole order of the Church leads to God. For the Services of the Church have the role to unite us in interior mode with God. How? Through His glory. Because His glory is the interior work of the Services of the Church. And we come at Church for His glory, which unites us with He Himself.

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