The terms of property

When people inherit or buy a home, they consider themselves its possessors. The countries defend their own borders, for that they are defending their territory. The earth is divided between the nations of the world, for that every nation has its right to property.

But the true proprietor of the earth is God „and His Kingdom [over] all masters” [Ps. 102, 19, LXX]. And if so stand the things, it means that we received all in gift. Nay, more, the man is the creation of God, and God put him  over the works of His hands [Ps. 8, 7]. Fact for which, we must consider ourselves the tenants of God.

And a tenant is never a proprietor. A tenant cannot sue another tenant because the earth is of God. And, with all these, people are given each other in judgment for a piece of land, for a house, for an article.

Only that the real property is that we take with us into eternity. In our soul we have our true treasure. And from this motive, the problem of soul is fundamental for each of us.

In Gen. 1, 27, the man is designated as being after the icon of God [κατ᾽ εἰκόνα Θεοῦ]. But the whole man is the icon of God and not only the soul. How do we know this? From the Holy Relics! If our body would not be part of God’s icon, it would not be deified and the body. But the body is deified. For that the body makes part from God’s icon.

The distinction between icon and image is essential in Orthodoxy. The Holy Icon is a window toward eternity for that is a ghostual view, a vision from the Kingdom of God, while an image is something from this world. And the man is an icon of God because he can deify in the relation with God.

A photo of mine or a photo from mountain is not a icon, because is a rendering of reality. But the Icon is from eternity for that it expresses the reality of eternity and talks about the Saints and the Angels of God from eternity. And the Icon is in relation with the one iconised on it, it cannot to replace him.

But an image can reach very quickly an idol. The poster with Lady Gaga or the Buddha statue, a pornographic image or a movie star can be idols for some. Because the image has no ghostual transparency, but it stops us at what we see.

The Saints are of God [Ps. 150, 1]. And the Angels are all of His [Ps. 96, 7]. All what He did belong unto Him. And all from that which is done belongs to God.

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