Are we foreigners?

In Ps. 118, 19, LXX, the Lord teaches us that we must feel foreigners on earth. For that the psalmist is telling us: „Wanderer [πάροικος] I am on earth”.

In Romanian, in my critical edition to the Psalms (on which I will public soon), I translated on πάροικος with pribeag. And a pribeag means in Romanian a wanderer, a stranger, a man who does not have a place of his own, who does not feel tied to a particular place.

What means for God to be foreigner? It means that man does not feel glued to the earth, but to the heaven. To be glued of He Himself. And this does not mean we do not have home or family or properties, but, firstly, us to be Christians and we consider the Kingdom of God our true home.

But, at all the step, we see that Christians are well rooted in history and have not eschatological feelings. On the contrary, if you look foreign, if you are different, you are unendurable in the eyes of many Christians. Because the Christians of today, unfortunately, they are not waiting that the world enter into the Kingdom of God, for that they „feel good” here, where they are.

But God asks us to feel strangers. And when my literary pseudonym was Dorin Streinu, ie foreign longing, I assumed the condition of  Christian and of the man in this world. And when you feel lonely, then you plead for the condition of the lonely, the sick, the excluded people.

I feel to write about the loneliness and pain of the people. For that I stay of words, often, with lonely people. And the loneliness is heartbreaking. It makes you forget who you are and what you want. It makes you mad.

In Romania, the people without house are called „boschetari”. Ie „the people who live in bushes”. But they do not live in bushes! They live a miserable life in the channels of water of the cities and in abandoned houses. And when I look at they, then I understand how should I feel myself as Christian in this world. For that God calls us to feel lonely and foreign and not prosperous and negligent.

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