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When the people know not to dialogue, they talk over each other. For that the conceitedness takes before of the reason. And then people are talking without sense, for that they do not want to appreciate each other.

Only that the dialogue cannot exist without respect and without confidence in the others. The dialogue needs of moral for that to exist. He needs of principled people.

But, most often, the discussions are not dialogues, but wars without sense. They are time losses. And we talk and talk and talk and from all these things nothing comes out.

In family, often, the important things are not discussed, but, for these, people quarrel. The children are afraid to talk with their parents and for this they choose evil things. They are afraid to speak openly for that they not to be criticized.

The rigidity of the parents begets most of the quarrels. Because the children need love and do not receive it as they want. When they reach adolescents, then they found that they could not communicate. For that they have not communicated any home.

Often I see young people who listen to music at headphones. Why listen to music? As to ignore the world around them. For what reason? For that they know not to communicate with those around them. And they prefer to do that they are alone, than try to communicate.

When people arrive in online, they are taught to be quiet. They read and cue. And when they want to talk, then they tend to quarrel.

The discussions on Facebook are clear testimonies of loneliness of the home. Everyone wants to pose in what is not. And those who appear to be the world are appreciated and lauded.

But into a real conversation with someone is not important the appearance, but the personal experience. The one who has that communicates, that one is dialogical. He is a living source of communication.

And I believe that the true dialogue can appear only between ghostual people. Only between people with great mystical experience. For that the dialogue needs of truth, of deepness, of conscience. And when people speak from the heart, then they do not quarell, but help each other.

Therefore, the dialogue is our deepness. And when we do not speak from ourselves, then we are stereotype and vulgar. Then we are pharisees.

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