The intellectual: often a form without fund

In Romania is living with the myth of the intelligentsia. All over we find „intellectuals”, people with „studies”, people with „intellectual projects”, but, in fact, few are showing that they have…mind. Because the intellect is the man’s ability to think  and create.

In Romanian Wikipedia, the intellectual is „the person with university studies or who exerts an intellectual profession”. But Romanians, often, do and two or three faculties, have intellectual professions, boast with capacities „brilliant”, only that they are afraid „to manifest” these nonexistent capabilities.

Even so, what has the faculty with the power to think? A man who thinks makes a faculty for that to think and more and not for him to think. And so stand the things, the mind has nothing to do with the faculty, it does not get to faculty, but it specializes itself in faculty. Fact for which, and if you do and if you do not a faculty, if your mind goes, then you have mind.

The plagiarism is fashionable and in Romania. Just therefore, a university professor can teach, even if he does not have an university course. Written by his hand, thanks to his hard work in the library. A university professor, in Romania, can lead Doctoral students in research subjects on which he has never dealt.

And how the requirements for to reach a university professor are to have a PhD and 4 books, Romanian university teachers are  in excess and with the minimum available in matter of scientific work. This is the motive for which the term „intellectual” is, often, an empty form. For that those called to be intellectuals are, often, plagiarists.

What is a plagiarist? A man who steals ideas, passages of text, ways to write, concepts. Who steals with shamelessness. Ie is a man who does not think,  who does not think with his mind, but wants to be „intellectual”. And when one such „intellectual” steals…with shamelessness and reaches „professor”, then he wants as everyone to refer to him as „a teacher”.

But how many books should write a man…as to reach a university professor? And how looks, of fact, the true intellectual? I believe the man who thinks with his head and is dealing with the writing must write how he can. And if he can write five or 10 books on year, then it’s his rhythm of work.

But if he can more and he does not write more, then he loses himself interiorly. And he is not a genuine intellectual, but an impostor. For that the impostor of self, one who lies to himself, he deceives and on the others.

Only that our civil society is full of „intellectuals”. And our „intellectuals” are never considered themselves „peasants” or „workers”, but „thinkers”, although the majority are sons of peasants. Why? Because they have a faculty, a doctorate, an „intellectual” job .

But they are „intellectuals”, mostly, without opera, without books. And this is the wonderful nonsense to which I assist day by day. For, on the one hand, people have diplomas, have functions,  have social visibility, but, on the other hand, they are not seen as having the mind. For, if they would have had mind, then it would be seen, and they would have been true intellectuals, ie true people who think.

Therefore, any man that thinks and produces something original is an intellectual. Why? Because he uses his mind. But does not think the one who just repeats, as the parrot, what other people said.

The creator man is a man preoccupied of his creation. He is always thinking, wherever he goes and whatever he does. He has not pauses to think. And if someone is an intellectual, he is a man who thinks, feels, lives and creates simultaneously. He is a man who devote himself entirely to creation.

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