Commandments at future?

According to the secular mentality, the commandments are and must be imperative. But, from God’s perspective, the commandments are at future. For that, what we call „the 10 divine commandments” from Exodus 20 are at the future mode.

Therefore, instead of being the form „You must not have other gods before Me!”, Exod. 20, 3, LXX, is telling us: „οὐκ ἔσονταί σοι θεοὶ ἕτεροι πλὴν Ἐμοῦ [Will not be thee other gods besides Me]”.

And, as at first commandment, each commandment is at future and not at imperative. Fact for which, the question is logical, comes naturally: Why His commandments are at future?

For that God does not want to impose by force. His commandments are at future because they represent the authentic life of the people. But they are our present and future if we assume them personally. And how God respects our freedom to choose, He puts us on every day to choose the true life, ie the life with Him.

But the Romanian synodal edition  from 1988 translated the commandments at imperative. Fact for which, the Romanian Orthodox believers do not know that the commandments are at future.

Vulgate maintains the same version as the Septuagint: „non habebis deos alienos coram Me”. Habebis is the form of future.

And if we want to be people of the future, then let us love God’s future! For that He wants for all what is better.

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