Flower at ear

When something is flower at ear, then it is a thing very easy for you. For that the girls or the women, who put one flower behind the ear, do a very easy thing. An easy thing, but which shows their beauty and zest for life.

Because the flower speaks to us about vitality and beauty, but also about the transience of our life. You watch it and enjoy. It speaks to you about the beauty from you. But you know that its beauty will fade soon, as you’ll die soon.

We pass as the flowers and as the grass. And on every year are touching me and more the flowers, small flowers, through which the spring smiles to us. For that I see the beauty with and more joy, as long as the ugly annoys to us at all the step.

I am glad to see all green and blossoming nature, to see children and young people, to see people enjoying the life and confident in God and in their fellow men. I enjoy seeing on them and I’m glad. And I am glad, because I am enjoying of the gifts of God given to men.

God is present in His entire creation. He is present and in flower and in man through His glory. All are full of His reason, of His power, of His beauty. But we die because of our sins. The beauty of His creation was corrupted by our sins. And, in Church, we try to be again beautiful, we are trying to fill the world with the joy of His resurrection from the dead.

For Hristos/ Christ resurrected for that to raise us daily from our sins. We live daily His resurrection from the dead, in that we rise from our sins through His power. God makes from us one of His spring, a ghostual spring.

And, in the Great Lent, many flowers are brought at Church. Especially in the Great Week, we bring flowers and put them at the Lord’s Cross. Because we respond to His Sacrifice with our gift of flowers, through which we show our love for Him.

Alongside of the flowers are the red eggs and many lighted candles. And through all these we show that the Church is alive, that we are in His Church and that we are palpitating together with the Lord the One crucified.

But we know that He does not succumb under Cross. For that He resurrected of the third day, crushing the death and the Hell and defeating on demons. Therefore, the Easter of the Church is luminous and not dark, is serene and not dramatic. And we, the Orthodox Christians, celebrate both the Passions and His Resurrection, having the conscience that through them we are saved.

But also we know that the salvation is ascetical, that it presupposes much effort and self sacrifice. Because His Cross was an unimaginable torment, but one that has transfigured the humanity of Hristos/ Christ.

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