Aphorisms in spring

The aphorism is a concentrated experience. It is a pearl kept in your heart.

The vain people cannot be friends. They do not support neither on themselves.

With the time you learn to love the simpleness. And this for that to mature means to simplify.

Who does not love the wisdom, that one seeks nothing.

The Saints are θεόφοροι, ie God-bearers. And who bears on God, that one knows Him from he himself.

I lapidary express myself for that I know the value of words.

The spring is the season of those who do not know the death. For the ghostual spring is the restfulness of the Saints.

The fasting is the desert of the orthodoxies. Because in it we hide the prayers.

I am orthodox Christian for that I do not like the falsifications of the faith. Ie the heresies.

I do not believe in the love which has nothing to do with God.

The postmodern idolatry is interior. For our idols are our passions.

As Priest I understand that the salvation is only communional. Because the Church lives in and through love.

The Church is not the problem of the world, but the world cannot exist without Church.

The Orthodoxy says „the extraterrestrials” demons.

For me not the atomic bomb is a calamity, but the sin, whatever may be it. For that the sin is the Hell.

A thick-skinned man is a man who was deprived of his own inner beauty.

A man is not an animal! The man is called at the likeness with God through holiness.

As long as one Virgin is the Mother of God,  we cannot say that we do not know who is our ghostual Mother. Because our Mother and our Lady is the Mother of God, Maria [Μαρία]/ Mary.

We do not see well, until we do not see ghostually.

God is the One who gives us to have certitudes. Without Him we have only questions.

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