The earthquake, the lion and the dog

Now 40 years, on March 4, 1977, in Romania was an earthquake of 7, 2 degrees, which lasted 56 seconds. That great earthquake was my salvation from death. Because, during the communist dictatorship from Romania, it was forbidden the abortion. And, in the moment when my mother, illegally, wanted to abort me…God began the earthquake. And she was frightened and did not dare to kill me in the womb. Therefore, for me, the earthquake meant life, and I recognize this earthquake as God’s mercy towards me.

But, today, is commemorated liturgically Saint Gherasimos [Γεράσιμος] from Iordanis. Who, after helping a lion, the lion remained with him and obeyed in all things. And the lion received the name Iordanis, from the river where the Lord was baptized and near who lived Saint Gherasimos. Only that, then when died the Saint, and the lion began to howl of pain. And it did not cease until it died on the tomb of the Saint.

The same thing did and Țirică. My godson Mihai found a dog on the street, who had few months, and he increased it carefully. And he put its name Țirică. But when the godson Mihai/ Michael died, his dog began to roar. The goddaughter Tudora led the dog at grave, it howled there continuously, and it did not want to eat. And the dog, Țirică, died of the fire of his master. The dog died because it did not want to live without his master, as did and Iordanis, the  lion of Saint Gherasimos.

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