The writer and the ghostual man

The writer introduces his life, subtly, in his work. The poetry and the novels are biographical territories. But the writers transfigure their experiences, and modify them, for to correspond with their creational intentions.

The ghostual man has as space of creation the  souls of men. This one, through living word and through his books, enters in the souls of men for light them ghostually. He has to transmit a holy experience. And for this, he must come to the people, so that and they become ghostual.

The writers are people very attentive to people’s souls. They write about people and their lives, about their complicated lives. And they try to untie people’s lives, to help us to penetrate in their intimacy, of the personages.

The ghostual man speaks to us about our interior. He puts before us our reality. Because He speaks to us about our passions in cognizance of cause, for that he fought with the passions and overcame them with God’s grace.

A writer can be and a ghostual man, and inverse: a ghostual man can be and a writer. Because both need to know people and the world about which they write and talk. Nay, more, a ghostual man needs of all weapons of the writer for to express himself. For that the ghostual man needs to know very good to describe an event, convincingly, he must speak poetically and vibrantly, he must know how to use the details for to create an atmosphere, he must reach with every word in the souls of men.

The writer does not necessarily have to convince, but to delight the reader. Into a poem or into a short story, matters their impact on us. And the novelty of writing, the personal mode in which the author writes is what matters. But, for the ghostual man, the first thing that matters is the truth and not the form in which is exposed that truth. And for this thing, the ghostual man speaks on the meaning of people, he is talking with everybody on his language, ie at the their level of understanding.

The writer can be absconded, perverse, mischievous with its readers. He can play theater in front of them. The writer can be a vicious man who, in his books, can pose into a respectable man. But the ghostual man is one with what he writes. He does not play theater, but he confesses his own experience. And not any experience, but the experience of his deification.

Therefore, the ghostual man does not defend his experience as man, but the revelation of God in his life. The writer defends his human experience, while the ghostual man defends the presence of God in him, the mode in which God has pitied of him. And if the ghostual man uses various literary forms for to express his experience, he does this thing for to be proper to people and not for showing off.

Because the ghostual man does not need of publicity, but people need of the life with God. Therefore, is a great loss if we do not read the books of the Holy Fathers of the Church, but it’s not a big problem if we do not know than on the great writers of the world. For that we need of theological science of the Saints and of their holy experience.

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