Day labor

Yesterday I published the 150th book the mark „Theology for Today”: The Liturgical Psalms. And the book The Psalms is the 25th book of Scripture which I translate. And, of course, continues my journey in the territory of Scripture.

For that, in itself, and the Scripture is a ascesis, a hard thing, but who comforts you. And if you want to know the theology of Scripture, then you must weary daily to its understanding.

Only that the Divine Scripture is not a text on which you can fully understand. For this text, you need continuously of the enlightenment of God. And from this motive, the understanding of Scripture is and heavier. Because God enlightens us when and how He wants and not as we want.

At the opposed pole, those who understand the Scripture after their minds believe that the text of Scripture does not exceed their own reason. The literalists or the rationalists of Scripture reduce the text at a reading without profoundness. Ie they deny all mysteries and the holiness without end of the Scripture.

But the Scripture is an ocean of views and of divine understandings from which we take, with the grace of God, on what we can. And we cannot understand the Scripture than in the measure in which God enlightens us to understand it.

But we do not despise what we do not understand from Scripture. For that we honor with godliness the entire Scripture and the Tradition of the Church. What we do not know we do not try to explain falsely. Because the theology from self-imagining is one ungodly, a demonic one.

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