Who can know the man?

In the Orthodox theology the man is a mystery. And is a mystery, for that he is created after the icon of God [κατ᾽ εἰκόνα Θεοῦ] [Gen. 1, 27] and for this, his life has an unexpected depth. But that does not mean that man cannot be known at all. For and the theology of Church and the human sciences deal with the knowledge of the man and with its role in the world.

The Church accentuates very much the role of the Confessor in parish. For any Orthodox parish, the Confessor is the one who cleanses us from sins, but the one who guides us on the path of salvation. From this motive, the Father Confessor is the cohesion factor of parish and, in the same time, he is the one who knows the people and directs their trajectory.

But, in fact, most often the Confessor is the one who confesses the parish, without being able to know it deeply. Why? For that he does not have time, but, more often, because he may not know it. And why the Confessor cannot know his parish? For that he lacks the true knowledge of people, ie the ghostual knowledge.

For the ghostual knowledge is not enough just the hirotonia [χειροτονία]/ cheirotonia into Priest and the hirotesia [χειροθεσία]/ cheirothesia into Confessor, but you must live a holy life. Because the life with God is the true knowledge of God, the true knowledge of self and the true knowledge of others.

Therefore, the real cohesion factor of the Church is the ghostual man. And this ghostual man can be Hierarch, Priest, Deacon, Monk or Layman, male or female, for that God looks at the heart of man.

But why is the ghostual man superior to others in matters of  knowledge of the man? For that only God knows all. Only He Himself truly knows the deep of man. And God, the One who dwells in His servants, He reveals to them the ones about people. Therefore, the ghostual man knows the people in their depth, because he is helped by God to know them. But the mystery of man remains mystery and in the face of the ghostual man, for that only God truly knows who is the man.

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