Problems of communication

The communication is a fluid problem for many. And that’s because they do not know what are the terms of communication. But a good communicator knows what must and what must not be say. And a good communicator is, undoubtedly, a man with much experience in the back.

The communication must be positive and profound. It must target the common scopes. For that a community needs of consistent and clear things.

The sermon is a theological communication, while the novel is a literary communication. But into a sermon we can have and a literary, social or philosophical message, after how a novel can have and a religious content.

The verbal communication is enriched by non-verbal communication. We communicate through our face, through the tone of voice, through the complexity of the problems  put in discussion. And a silly communication is one that offends the audience.

At a conference I am interested of what worked the speaker for his audience. I am interested of his research work. If his work is not evident, there is no a real conference, but a mockery. Because the communication is not ruptured of person, but this forms part from it.

In family, the communication is simple and straightforward. The same is and in the relation of ghostuality. For that a intim communication is one real and humble. And who wants to amaze into a such communication, amazes through sincerity.

Therefore, a real communication is a sincere communication, made in the parameters of the present and which is full of research work.

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