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In 11 years of online creation I fully realized that the people do not know to search online. Or, when they seek online, they seek things already known and not absolutely new things. Why? Because they do not hope to find surprising things.

The searches in matter of theology are often utilitaristic. People seek books, articles, sermons, theological themes, Saints, theological personalities, but not and syntagmas, expressions, personal explanations on various topics. Which means that they’re searching  like novices and not as specialists in theology.

Nor Google and Google translate do not know how „to think” theologically. You have to fight with the search engines or of translation for that „to understand” what you mean. For that the mode how is built the internet is not a theological one. And in such situation you must think empirically and to teach and on it the logic of simpleness.

But for to introduce the theological logic in online, you must follow its way of rationality. And  when you get at specialized topics, then you must search the things and more specialized. And you must keep your computer connected at online in this rhythm of deep searches for that „to know” your theological needs.

Why must we do this? For that an online who stands for nothing is like a lazy mind. But, if we teach it to think more deeply daily, then we have an online which thinks profoundly.

From this motive, I cannot work with a computer and with an online who does not know me. My theological searches are necessarily for my work. The online dictionaries need for you „to think”. I need of my bookmarks and of my notes. And if I have them all at my fingertips, then I can work in will, with peace, with joy.

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