The money of theology

A theologian of the present I think that must have the money divided into two: a part for everyday life and, the rest, for theology. Because the theology is a domain which needs a lot of money to study and write about it.

The books cost money. The entries to libraries cost money. You need of computer, of camera, of electric energy, of space and time, of dictionaries and diverse articles, of many books simultaneously. For all these is need of money.

But the money of the theologian is God’s money. I write books for God, for that I have the conscience that I have to write what God enlightens me. And for this motive,  I make from my theological books a gift to Church. For that all Holy Theologians of Church have done the same thing: they made from the life and the time and from their money a gift to Church.

Therefore, what I do here, on Theology for Today, when I give my books and the life to Church is a normal thing, one profound ecclesial. For that all are called to do the same thing: give ourselves to Church. Because the Lord asks us to be our soul there where is and our wealth [Mat. 6, 21].

But which is the true wealth of the theologian? His theological opera. On which he gives it for Church and through this he fulfills himself in interior mode.

But how many Orthodox theologians give their work online in gratuitous mode? I do not know anyone, besides me, unfortunately. I found a few that bestow certain books…but none that creates everything for free. And what is this telling us? That the theologians do not behave ecclesially, but commercially. That they are thinking at their money and not at Church. And that we are hypocrites when we talk about „Christian mission”, if we put money in our pocket and not build the Church with our money.

And if there is not orthodox theology in online for free, then is pornography, are bad jokes, films, commerce, politics, extremism, ideologies of all kinds. But are not and theologians of  Church here, in online! Here they only present their books.

Only that, for theologians, the online is and must be their space of creation, of mission, of evangelization. The online must be their second pulpit. Here we must preach daily, we must be present in erudite mode and convincing, because in discussion is the salvation of the world.

If the Orthodox Church is the true Church of Christ, then where are its theologians? From whom the world to hear the voice of truth? And is evident the fact that the sermon of Church no longer have to be closed in Churches, but it must penetrate to the all homes of the world. But for this, the theologians of Church must be active in online and very productive.

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