Ghostual until and in the simplest gestures

The people of world want to be well-grown until and in the simplest gestures. Fact for which they learn the elegant manners of world, what is done and what is not done into a given situation. But  all their care is at appearances. They want to seem mannered, educated, and not necessarily to be educated.

In respect on the ghostual people, they do not want to appear ghostual, but they are ghostual. From this motive, their gestures are natural, but, in the same time, are ghostual. For that the glory of God is in them and teaches them the things of God.

And the ghostual man speaks with seriousness, steps with prudence, looks with profoundness, understands all after God’s will. For that in everything that he does, the ghostual man is not guided by humane methods, but after his ghostual, interior state. Only that his inner state is formed from the obedience to God and from the life with God.

From this motive, a ghostual man is a godly man and not a gentleman of the world. A gentleman is often a hypocrite, a man who is hiding behind of the clothes and of the worldly customs. But the ghostual man hates to pretend to be other, fact for which he says the truth from heart, knowing to combine the firmness with the delicacy.

For in the life of the ghostual man, the supreme value in the relations with the people is the delicacy. Because he does not want to enter into force in the lives of others, but he seeks their real good. Ie he seeks to heal them of their spiritual diseases, for that they truly see their inner state. And if you want to help people, then you need to know to be their friend and father in the same time. For that they need to see in you a friend on the way of cleansing of their passions, but and a father which, with ghostual authority, shows them that this thing is possible.

Because the cleansing of passions is ontological healing, is an underspring of divine life in ourselves. Without it, without the cleansing of passions, the man is not a truly man, but a passionate man, no matter how educated would be. While the ghostual man, even if he is illiterate, he is a delicate man, for that he takes care of the health of his soul and of those who come to him. He wants their salvation and, also, he wants his salvation. And if we think any relation with others in terms of salvation, then we are on the path of ghostual delicacy.

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