The dogmatic faith of the Church

Where do we find the Church’s dogmatic faith? In the divine revelation, ie in the Divine Scripture and the Divine Tradition. From revelation were taken the dogmas of the Church and without revelation we cannot understand the dogmas. Because the content of the dogmas is in revelation.

But in diverse Orthodox Dogmatics is observed an ossification of the dogmatic discourse, for that the texts of dogmas are separated from their dogmatic content. And the cerebralization  of theological discourse destroys the godliness of the faithful.

Why? For that the dogmas are a summarisation of theology of the Church. And for to understand them, we must not philosophize, but to turn to revelation to understand them. And if we turn to revelation, we turn at the river bed where was formed the river of dogmas. And, in revelation, we find the very rich content of Church’s dogmas.

This is the motive for which, in my Dogmatic, I do not separate the content of dogmas from the proper text of dogmas. For that the texts of dogmas are very short, but their content in revelation is enormous. And for us to understand the dogmas we need of revelation. Because in revelation is the real explicitation of dogmas.

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