Confession in people’s eyes

No, the people are not the same!
Only God is unchangeable. Only He
budding all the trees, only He
gives wings of birds,
only He builds.
We change ourselves at every glance,
at every touch, at every pain.
Our heart is not impassive,
but it often gets dirty.
And if we do not wash our heart,
it becomes increasingly dirty.
O Lord, You are the same, but we change!
We change once with the weather.
Today we are a beautiful sun,
tomorrow we are a Siberia.
Our hands hang of us,
our eyes are cadent,
our mouth speaks an another language.
For that we are entered
in our own depression,
while God looks at us with
the same eyes.
Do not swear!
Do not throw your heart on the street!
Because God has the same words for us.
He’s always the same and
everlasting, while we
slam the door at wall
and we do not know to ask forgiveness.

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