Romania Orthodox

stema romaniei

Romania, my country, is an orthodox country for 2.000 years. Our ancestors were evangelized by the Apostle Andrew, one of the Apostles of the Lord. But our country is one of the most welcoming countries from Europe, where, for centuries, living together Turkish, Hungarian, German, Hebrew, Lipovani, Bulgarian and, more recently, Chinese, Japanese, American, French, British, Germans, Africans…

Become increasingly cosmopolitan country, plural, because we know how to assimilate all those, who are different and make them feel at home. But those who made the world to be seen were deeply was orthodox christians of this country, because, at present, Romania is not only orthodox, but it and the Roman Catholic and Protestant, and New-Protestant and Muslim or whatever religion.

We are a christian country at the beginning, with all forms of relief, with over 17 million people … and problems of transition from communism to capitalism.  For 20 years we live in a new political spectrum, we are members of the European Union, we are part of NATO, but we lack political cohesion and economic need for real progress.

Economic progress is one thing and spiritual and cultural richness of Romania is a different thing. It’s actually our true treasure, that we want to make it known to others. The  particular  mode in how we live our faith and culture is overshadowed because our language, which is again a unique, for it is little known compared with English or Arabic.

But many Westerners and Asians come and discover Romania very deep and filled with true amazement of their life at home. For a globalized world as ours, what matters come before others. The identity of each enhances the identity of everyone.

Online environment is an environment of encounter between peoples and religions, an environment of dialogue, where each of us come with our unique, no to a relativized. Essential thing is to know each other. And for we know each other, we have to say about our faith, about our language, our habits of life, of our uniqueness.

The Romanian language is a language sweet and made the worship of the Church. We are hospitable people, who know suffering, pain, happiness price. Danube Delta, the Carpathian Mountains, our Orthodox Monasteries, our villages and cities have a unique beauty that must to be discovered and publicized.

Our Churches are masterpieces painted most often. Theological manuscripts of ancient, Holy Relics from us, our Saints are lights Universal Church. As the world knows you have to talk about you. And we try to talk here, is really, more in Romanian language, about things that matter, about things that is our salvation, about those that make you beautiful.

But in the future, when there will be opportunities for instant translation of text, you see the richness of this online platform, as we can know the riches of others, all the way through a pure translation, specific texts.

We invite you to Romania profound, beautiful and holy orthodox christian life from these places! Romania from her peoples is most beautiful. And the beauty and holiness of the orthodox faith is one that will save the world.